Saturday, October 12, 2013

Amazingly Governor

السلام عليكم 


    I wish I could be like her as for me she is one of an amazingly people that Malaysian should be proud of. Before she became a governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, she has gone through many phases and obstacles in her life. 

    She began her career as an analyst for the South-East Asia Central Bank Training & Research Center on 1979-1984. A year after that, she joined the Economics Department in Bank Negara Malaysia and she was appointed Secretary to the Board of the Bank in 1987. She was very hard working on that time and after struggling many obstacles, in 1989, she was posted to the Bank Negara Malaysia London Representative Office as the Chief Representative. She also has opened all eyes of Malaysian that not only men could achieve this kind of achievement, but women also can do what they could. 

A governor who never give up

    Upon returning to the Head Office in 1994, Tan Sri Dr Zeti was appointed the Bank’s Chief Economist and Head of the Economics Department in handling our capital in Malaysia. A year after that, she was chosen as the Assistant Governor responsible for economics, reserve management, foreign and money market operations and exchange control. 

    Sadly, on September 1st of 1998, Malaysia was facing financial crisis and Tan Sri Dr Zeti was selected to be an Acting Governor and led the Bank Negara Team to successfully introduce and implement the selective exchange controls. After all these difficulties that she faced, she became the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia in May 2000.

A picture when she managed to stable the capital of Malaysia 


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